Home bakers looking for authenticity will soon be able to add French products to their bread repertoire.

Rivermill, the UK representative of French flour and baking products producer Francine, has developed three products for the UK.

The company describes the Suprême line, which can be used for patisserie or for sauces, as superior to any multipurpose flour currently available in the UK and the equivalent of the finest extra virgin olive oil. It is made using a process involving turbo separation combined with expensive wheat, which means the home cook does not need to sieve.

"There is a gap in the market for this type of premium flour and UK millers are not geared up to provide such a product," said MD Andrew Chesters.

The other two products in the initial line-up are Choux Mix and Pain de Campagne, which come with both flour and yeast.

Chesters stressed that the trio were authentic French products rather than French-style. "These are milled to French standards," he added.