Ryvita is backing its new Minis low fat bagged snack with a new TV ad starring Fern Britton as part of the brand’s £4m rollout programme.
The 30-second ad hits screens for the first time on Wednesday (October 20) and will show the This Morning presenter as viewers have never seen her before.
In the ad, Britton’s head has been superimposed onto the body of a former Miss UK. It opens with a head and shoulders shot of her contentedly munching through a pack of the 3% fat Minis.
The camera descends to reveal Britton’s new svelte body before the catchline ‘Big Taste - Mini Waist’ appears.
Rob Murray, marketing director at Ryvita, said the ad would appeal to the brand’s target audience of weight-conscious, but not diet-mad, women. “With an increasing number of brands competing for a share of the healthy snacking market, it is vital that our TV campaign stands out from the crowd and we are confident that this tongue-in-cheek creative will deliver.
“Fern Britton is the perfect choice to front the campaign. Like our consumers, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and appreciates that life is just too short to think about dieting all the time.
“Instead, she has a down to earth attitude towards eating and living life to the full.
“She also loves the fact that Ryvita Minis allow her to enjoy a tasty snack without having to worry whether or not it is high in fat.”