South African apple growers have abandoned - after just one season - a five-year campaign to promote Golden Delicious.

Their hand has been forced by Tru Cape, one of the country's largest Golden exporters, which decided to stop supporting generic initiatives. "We need the whole of the industry behind a programme like this. If a major player is unable to participate it is unfair to ask the rest to

continue," said Joint Pome Marketing Forum chairman Nigel Mudge.

However, the campaign has been successful to date, according to the agency running it - Richmond Towers. "We have had fantastic co-operation from UK importers. All parties were looking forward to the 2007 campaign, which would have included upweighted in-store promotion," said MD Rob Metcalfe.

The first South African Royal Gala are expected in early March, with Goldens following in mid April. The crops are expected to be average size.