Wildeklawer Farm, South Africa’s largest onion producer, is aiming to export to the UK a new sweet variety, which is already marketed successfully on its national market.
Owners Louis and Cora de Kock use the same method of pyruvate assessment to check levels of sweetness that was pioneered by technologists at Liverpool University.
The method was part of the programme that led to the development of the UK’s own trademarked Supasweet onion, which is already being sold by the multiples.
Louis de Kock told growers at the British Onion Producers’ Association conference that its packhouse, which already has a throughput of 350 tonnes a day including brown onions and picklers, was being expanded to double the size and could compare with an equivalent operation in the UK.
The farm has also achieved EurepGAP certification for good agricultural practice that is now demanded by European Union regulations.