Safeway chose St George's Day to begin offering English branded lamb to its customers with the product being launched in 134 of its English stores. The first delivery of English lamb was made by St George' on horseback to the Welwyn Garden City store. To support the launch British Meat has devised an on-pack competition, running until the end of May, for consumers to win a small area of land, which brings with it a seated title. The land will be classed as part of the winner's estate and is fully inheritable. Safeway's English stores will carry Northumbrian lamb, West Country lamb or English lamb depending on their location. The Safeway generic lamb label has been redesigned to incorporate the English flag and the brand will be supported by extensive point of sale material. Kelly Hathaway, pork and lamb buyer at Safeway, said: "This launch allows us to create interest in the lamb fixture. The timing of the launch is perfect as events such as the Queen's Golden Jubilee, the Manchester Commonwealth Games and the FIFA World Cup will help to boost national pride ­ and sales of English lamb." Supplier of the lamb is Dawn Meats. {{MEAT }}