Slovakian spirits company Karloff is launching what it claims are the world's first wine-based saffron drinks at IFE next month.

Saffroni Aperitif (rsp: £11.99) and Saffroni Vermouth (rsp: £13.69) are made from white wine, natural herb extracts and saffron, renowned as the most expensive spice in the world.

The aperitif (11% abv) and vermouth (16% abv) come in one-litre bottles and are being distributed in the UK by Senzabox.

Also new in the BWS aisle is a 1.5-litre bag-in-box wine packaged in a cylindrical tube and created by South African company Ukuva iAfrica, which ­translates as "taste of Africa".

The U-Tube range (rsp: £13) comes in three varietals: Merlot, Chenin Blanc and red blend. Its packaging and quality would help make bag-in-box more premium, predicted UK sales director David Bailey.