Sainsbury's Basics fish fingers are the first British product to be made with sustainable palm oil, according to the retailer.

Sainsbury's said it had chosen the 49p pack of 10 fish fingers to spearhead the conversion to sustainable palm oil because it was an everyday family item.

It plans to use sustainable palm oil in all its own-brand products by December 2014.

Palm oil is controversial because of its role in the destruction of the South American rainforest, but Sainsbury's said its certified palm oil from Colombia had been endorsed by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). "Sourcing with integrity to protect the world's natural resources is key to our business and we believe that rather than banning palm oil, we need to find an environmentally and economically sustainable solution that will stop deforestation while supporting the communities that rely on its production," said Judith Batchelar, director of Sainsbury's brand.