Sales of eco-friendly milk bags at Sainsbury’s are double what the retailer predicted when the product was rolled out across its stores in February.

The supermarket is now selling 110,000 per week – representing one in every 10 of the two-pint semi-skimmed bottles sold by the supermarket.

The bags are part of a drive by Sainsbury’s to reduce packaging by a third by 2015. It said customers switching to bags could save up to 1,400,000kg of packaging a year.

The news comes after Waitrose earlier this month ditched its own milk bags, citing low customer demand.

Sainsbury’s senior dairy buyer Emma Metcalf-King said customers were attracted to the product's green credentials.

"The milk bags use 75% less packaging than standard milk bottles,” she said. “Our customers want to do the right thing for the environment, driving sales way ahead of our expectations."

Sainsbury's will give away 400,000 jugs to customers next month to further raise awareness of the product.

“Milk sold in bags is already a regular choice for 60% of consumers in Canada, Poland, South Africa and China and we believe it could become just as popular in the UK,” Metcalf-King added.

“As soon as people try it, they realise how easy it is to use.”

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