Sainsbury’s has ramped up promotion of its own-label products by positioning separate baskets of branded and own-label products at the entrance to stores.

Upon entering, customers are faced with a basket of 13 products including Weetabix, Persil, Nescafé, Philadelphia and Ribena, next to a basket containing own-label alternatives. Leaflets state the own-label basket costs £13.08 less. Its latest monthly DVD for staff focuses on its Switch & Save campaign and encourages staff to flag up to customers how much cheaper Sainsbury’s own-brand products are than their branded equivalents, according to a source.

Own-brand products earn higher margins for retailers than most branded products. Last week, Sainsbury’s launched the campaign with advertising across television and print, claiming customers could save 20% by switching from big brands to own label. Leaflets in store compare own-brand products with brands.

“Our Red Label tea bags are 20% cheaper than the leading brand and are also a sustainable, Fairtrade product with recyclable packaging,” they claim. “With Sainsbury’s own brand you can be sure that lower prices don’t mean a compromise on quality.”