Justin King has urged the government to leave Sunday trading laws as they are.

The Sainsbury’s boss made his comments with ministers ponder making the temporary extension of trading hours for the Olympics and Paralympics permanent.

In a letter to the Sunday Telegraph, he said the move “needs reflection, as a great British compromise is in danger of being lost”.

“Maintaining Sunday’s special status has great merit for our customers and our colleagues, and relaxing Sunday trading laws is certainly not a magic answer to economic regeneration,” he wrote.

“The current trading rules play to common sense. Those calling for a permanent change will need to demonstrate a strong economic case for any change to be justified.”

His comments echo those he made in March this year, when he said his customers did not want the laws to be changed.

A joint letter from Usdaw, the Association of Convenience Stores and Bishop of Oxford John Pritchard also called for the laws to remain the same.