Sainsbury’s is launching its 100th MSC-certified product.

Icelandic haddock certified by the Marine Stewardship Council goes on sale in Sainsbury’s next week. The launch means all cod and haddock sold on Sainsbury’s fresh fish counters is now MSC-certified, the retailer said.

“As the UK’s largest retailer of MSC and Freedom Food fish, we always source food as responsibly as possible,” said Sainsbury’s aquaculture and fisheries manager Ally Dingwall.

“We know customers want peace of mind that the fish they buy is as sustainable as possible, which is why we will continue to boost the amount of MSC-certified fish available in our stores.”

Dingwall said the landmark was significant given Sainsbury’s 2020 sustainability agenda, which includes a pledge that all fish sold by the retailer should be independently verified as sustainable by 2020.

MSC UK country manager Toby Middleton said Sainsbury’s was the first retailer in the world to reach the century mark, reflecting the supermarket’s commitment to MSC.

“Sainsbury’s has set the bar very high for retailers around the world and continues to work to raise it,” he said. “The 2020 commitment is a perfect example of this and Sainsbury’s can be justifiably proud of its achievements.”