Sainsbury’s is rolling out cutting-edge lighting to improve the appearance of its fruit and veg.

The advanced LED system uses colour-boosting technology Vivace, which brightens up dull green, orange and red fresh food displays.

The retailer is fitting the lighting, developed by specialists Nualight, across all new and refurbished stores. They will reduce Sainsbury’s light-related energy consumption by 70% in low-temperature cases and 40% in medium-temperature cases. They will also help Sainsbury’s plan to reduce its carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

“Lighting is used strategically to create the unique Sainsbury’s store ambience and bring out the best qualities in the food on display,” said Sainsbury’s lighting specialist Harold Allen. “Nualight has worked closely with our lighting team throughout the pilot phase, identifying and resolving challenges to create the best possible merchandising impact.”

Nualight CEO Dr Liam Kelly described Sainsbury’s as having “a worldwide reputation for the quality and provenance of its food,” and said Nualight was “proud to be contributing” to its sustainability plan”.