Sainsbury’s, the world’s biggest Fairtrade retailer, is aiming for bumper sales over Fairtrade Fortnight, which kicked off this week.

The retailer, which sold more than £12m worth of Fairtrade goods during Fairtrade Fortnight last year - an 11% increase on 2011 - is hoping to go further this year by displaying PoS highlighting categories that are 100% Fairtrade, including tea, coffee, sugar, South African wine and bananas.

Sainsbury’s also has a team of more than 500 Fairtrade ambassadors who have been visiting schools, community centres and other local organisations.

It is focusing efforts on promoting its Taste the Difference Mzuzu Fairtrade Coffee from Malawi (rsp: 3.99). It is also preparing to launch Sopacdi Ground Coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Both coffees have fascinating stories. Mzuzu, which has been sold by the retailer since December, is grown by a co-operative of 3,500 coffee farmers who have been working with Sainsbury’s since 2009. They have used the Fairtrade premiums they have earned to build toilets for a local secondary school, a teacher’s house at a local primary school, and a bridge to make it easier for them to transport their coffee.

Sopacdi, set to hit shelves later this month, comes from a co-operative of 3,500 farmers living on the banks of Lake Kivu. It exported just eight tonnes of coffee in 2008, but last year exported 171 tonnes after working with Sainsbury’s to help produce a coffee blend for Comic Relief.