As many as 83% of shoppers have changed their shopping habits in the past year, a new survey by Sainsbury’s has revealed.

The survey, to coincide with the one-year anniversary of Sainsbury’s 20x20 sustainability plan, also found that 90% of shoppers claimed to write a shopping list before they left home, 37% said they planned meals for the full week and 28% said they took a packed lunch to work.

Some 64% also looked out for more special deals, 22% were buying more dried, tinned and frozen foods, and 22% were indulging at home rather than eating out.

Despite these changes, the survey also revealed shoppers were still demanding quality and sustainability.

Sainsbury’s said it had sold 8.5% more sustainably sourced food in the past year and that more than £1 in every £10 spent on sustainable products had come from families on the lowest incomes.

“Our customers are recalibrating their spending but they’re not prepared to compromise their values,” said Sainsbury’s CEO Justin King (pictured).

“The credit crunch has not led to a values crunch. We’re seeing people from all backgrounds rediscovering some of the shopping habits of the past to ensure they can meet the values driven aspirations of today.

“Although people have less, they actually care more. The downturn has led to a strengthening of value, irrespective of people’s income. We believe this is not a passing phase but a fundamental change that is here to stay,” he added.