Sainsbury’s is to display its magazines by genre rather than gender, in a continuing effort to move away from stereotypes.

Until now, the retailer has displayed magazines on astronomy, travel, music and history under blue ‘for him’ signs, while those on sewing, knitting and cooking sat under pink ‘women’s home interest’ signs.

But it has now reviewed the signage in its stores and plans to remove the gender prefix.

“Going forward, our magazines will be shown by genre and they won’t have a gender prefix,” Sainsbury’s wrote on its Facebook page in response to a complaint from a shopper.

“There won’t be an immediate change to the sections in all stores as this will be a gradual rollout to replace the existing signage.”

Sainsbury’s already lists its magazines by category on the ‘newsagent’ section of its website. A Sainsbury’s spokesman confirmed the plans, adding that the change followed a similar move in its toy section.

In August, Kinder came under fire for launching limited-edition pink eggs containing dolls, and blue eggs containing cars.