Sainsbury’s has been pulled up by the Advertising Standards Authority for its Feed Your Family for £50 campaign.

The retailer ran numerous press, TV and online ads for the campaign, which launched in May last year and featured a seven-day meal planner outlining recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a family of four.

A total of seven complaints were lodged with the watchdog, suggesting the promotion did not provide sufficient calories to meet the needs of a family of four; that it did not include store cupboard ingredients; and that the meal plan was not suitable for under-fours.

Although Sainsbury’s said it had worked with the British Nutrition Foundation on the meal plan and had been using a store cupboard principle since 2009, the ASA told Sainsbury’s not to show two of the ads again and warned that a third ad should not be shown again in its current form.

Sainsbury’s was also warned to ensure ads featuring meal plans explained how the calorie content had been calculated, to ensure headline prices included store cupboard ingredients and to exercise caution when producing food ads for children.