Dairy bosses are hoping to tap into the national spirit in Wales with a launch of a new Welsh branded dairy range.

Wales’ largest processor ACC Milk has invested £12m in the launch of the first fully bilingual brand Cadog.

The range includes fresh milk, butter, butter portions, canned creamy custard, rice pudding and evaporated milk, as well as a range of cheeses.

The brand takes its name from the 6th century St Cadog and is aimed at both the domestic market and export. Alan Hinton, ACC Milk’s general
manager, said: “Wales has fantastic natural produce and needs distinctive brands such as Cadog.”

Glanbia views

The dairy sector is being asked for its views over the joint venture between Milk Link and Glanbia. The OFT has announced that it is inviting comment on the deal, which sees the sale of Glanbia’s UK operations to the joint venture.

Affected parties are being asked to make written representation to the OFT which will then decide whether the matter needs to be referred to the Competition Commission.

The deal will see Glanbia Foods renamed The Cheese Company and new emphasis placed on developing brands and added value products.