A group of Yorkshire growers have laid out plans which could ultimately lead to more than 400 acres of glasshouses being built on Humberside. The supporters include some of the best known names in the industry including Cor Van Dijk, David Baarda, James Bean, Roger Sayer and Jon Los. A £100,000 survey to assess the potential known as Project Reload is already under way, part financed by the county's regional development agency. The belief is that while protected salads have been passing through difficult times, there are still opportunities if professionals come together to reduce costs. - English cucumber growers have set up their own trade association with the objective of maintaining viability, developing technical resources and giving the £38m industry a higher profile. Newly elected chairman Robert Bezemer hopes the crop will benefit from the current Five a Day campaign so children will "munch cucumbers like apples". However the Cucumber Growers Association says it is still too early to quantify how it will do this. {{M/E FRESH PRODUCE }}