Unilever says it has no intention of withdrawing a Birds Eye TV commercial about wild salmon that has infuriated Scottish salmon farmers, despite the fact that the Advertising Standards Authority is to investigate.

The Scottish Salmon Producers ' Organisation welcomed the news that the ASA was to look into the commercial for frozen Pacific product, currently running on television.

The ad infuriated Scottish salmon farmers by implying that the addition of colourant astaxanthin was undesirable (The Grocer, April 29, p6).

Birds Eye MD Fergus Balfour, responding to SSPO criticism of the ad in The Grocer's Saturday Essay last week, said: "The Scottish salmon farmers are actually reiterating the facts that are presented clearly in the advertisement - farmed salmon are fed an artificially produced version of astaxanthin while those in the wild obtain it naturally from shrimp.

"In no way do we say that the use of artificial pigments is illegal or detrimental to health, we're just presenting facts that consumers might find interesting."

Balfour conceded that the tone of the ad was hard-hitting.