Independent stores are missing out on cider sales because they are not making the drink visible enough in-store, according to drinks giant S&N.

The Strongbow and Bulmers Pear Cider supplier said that although larger-sized retailers had increased space for cider over the past year, smaller independent stores were still not positioning cider in suitably visible locations.

Cider sales in independents had grown 7.6% to £234m this year, said Shaun Heyes, S&N head of customer marketing, and there was significant opportunity for further growth.

"Cider is a very impulsive category and people will buy it if they see it," he said. "Getting the spacing, brand range and visibility right will then enable these stores to maximise their USP, namely the fact that they sell more cider from their chillers than supermarkets.

"It is an area we are now working on with our smaller customers."