Tesco is to roll out a new range of premium on-the-vine tomatoes under the name Jersey Jewel.
The baby plums are being grown under glass by Jersey producer Harmony, which has dedicated virtually its entire farm to the Sunstream variety.
Harmony boss Kevin Hervé will appear on the packaging for the tomatoes, which are due to go into stores next month.
Depending on eventual output, Jersey Jewel tomatoes could go into as many as 1,000 Tesco outlets.
Hervé said that he was previously growing Santa variety tomatoes for Tesco.
But these have become popular, and competition from lower cost producers such as Spain has intensified.
When Tesco’s buyers approached Hervé last September and suggested growing Jersey Jewel, he jumped at the chance.
He said: “It’s giving us an opportunity to get our product into a major supermarket with Jersey well mapped out on the packaging. As well as the name Jersey Jewel, which we have trademarked, the label will carry the Jersey flag.”
The plants are producing vines of 10-11 fruits with an average weight of 25g per fruit. Harmony will produce 40-50,000 punnets a week of Jersey Jewel tomatoes exclusively for Tesco in a season running from mid-March to the end of November.
The tomatoes are sold in Tesco’s Finest range in packs of 10 fruit, minimum weight 200g. “Presentation is superb. It eats extremely well. This is quite a special tomato,” said Hervé.