Sausages made from meat grown in the lab could be only six months away, scientists have revealed.

Boffins have recently been exploring the possibility of producing synthetic meats  – sometimes known as ‘slaughter-free meats’ – from cells grown in laboratories as a way of meeting the protein requirements of a rocketing global population without the environmental impact of conventional livestock production.

According to a report in New Scientist, Mark Post of Maastricht University told a conference on the subject in Gothenberg about his successful experiments with growing muscle tissue from pig cells.

He said the said the first lab-grown sausage could be just six months away, adding that he was now looking to experiment with cow cells with a view to producing a lab-grown hamburger.

Additionally, Swedish bio-ethicist Stellan Welin said synthetic meat production could pave the way for people to eat more exotic types of meat from animals that have traditionally proved difficult to domesticate or which are under threat from extinction.

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