Pork Farms has launched a campaign to persuade consumers to reconsider how they shop for pork pies.

The savoury pastry specialist has revamped its product line-up and packaging and introduced a 'Savoury Scale', in which consumers can select from a lighter Mild Sweet Cured variant, a balanced Original product and an ingredient-packed Vintage Melton Mowbray option, which is a new addition to the range.

The new packs were launched this week and will be backed by a £2m summer campaign of sponsorship, sampling, TV advertising and PR.

"Contrary to popular belief, a pork pie isn't just a pork pie," said Pork Farms general manager of brands Nigel White. "There are hundreds of different recipes that appeal to different tastes."

The savoury pastry fixture was "incredibly muddled" and the Savoury Scale would make choosing easier for shoppers, he said.