One of Europe's biggest crisp and snack manufacturers has launched its first assault on the UK market. The Italian-based Unichips Group, which boasts an annual Europe-wide turnover of £285m, is using its celebrated San Carlo brand as the spearhead for the attack and has secured is celebrating its first UK listing by hitting shelves in more than 100 Tesco stores. The company also hopes to ease its way into the UK by introducing a simple pricing policy for shoppers. Its initial range ­ made up of Autentica Trattoria Crisps, Baghetti and Bruschetti ­ all retail at £1.59 and weigh in at 150g each. The crinkle-cut crisps come in typical Italian flavours ­ Red Pepper and Garlic, Tomato and Basil, and Olive Oil and Grana Cheese ­ while the Bruschetti and Baghetti ranges come in similar varieties. Unichips said it had no plans at this stage to support San Carlo in the UK with advertising and was depending on word of mouth and sampling activity in 50 Tesco stores later this month to grow the brand. Laura Foroloss, brand manager for Autentica Trattoria, said: "San Carlo are delighted to be bringing the brand to the UK, following huge success in both Italy and elsewhere on the Continent. "We are confident the brand will be popular with UK consumers." {{P&P }}