Schwan's is improving its Chicago Town pizza range with higher quality ingredients and new recipes in a bid to cut itself a bigger slice of the pizza category.

From this month, Chicago Town Deep Dish products will contain 100% mozzarella instead of processed cheese and will have a crispier base and crust. In addition, they will not contain artificial flavours, colours or hydrogenated fat.

The company is also expanding its Deep Dish and Thin & Crispy portfolios. Meat Combo will be the latest Deep Dish variant while pepperoni and ham & pineapple will both join the Thin & Crispy range.

All products will carry GDA labelling for the first time, indicating salt, fat, sugar and calorie content, a move brand manager Jenny Evans said reflected growing consumer demand for clearer ingredient labelling.

She said: "By providing clear labelling we are communicating this information to our consumers, enabling them to make an informed decision."