Kilted Scotch Beef icon 'Glen' is to appear on the side of 250 London cabs as part of a campaign to encourage meat eaters in London to trade up to premium Scotch beef this Easter.

England is the single biggest market for Scotch Beef, accounting for annual sales of more than £100m, with Londoners eating almost 20% of all beef consumed in the UK.

Spend on premium Scotch Beef rose 15% in the 12 weeks over Christmas to £40.2m, according to IGD figures. This suggested consumers were increasingly looking for quality products, with 42% of shoppers saying they were ready to spend more on better quality food and drink.

"Consumers are showing a greater-than-ever interest in food and its origin, with many believing the use of high-quality ingredients in premium foods can contribute to a healthier lifestyle," said Laurent Vernet, head of marketing for red meat promotion body Quality Meat Scotland.