Kit Davies
Scottish salmon farmers have been highlighted for their hard work in keeping the scourge of ISA at bay.
The Scottish Executive has reported high levels of compliance by the salmon farming industry with the Code of Practice on Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA), which must be eradicated by EU law.
A report, detailing compliance with the code in the 12 months to September 2002, shows improvements on the previous year. Compliance was high in areas such as blood containment during slaughter, transportation and processing, no movement of live fish between management areas, predator control measures, and net inspections
However, the Executive urged the industry to demonstrate greater compliance with its code in other areas such as single source stocking, on-farm ensiling of mortalities, disinfectant foot baths and provision of site-specific equipment and clothing.
Deputy minister for environment and rural development Allan Wilson said: "I appreciate the efforts made by the industry to comply and I look forward to continued increases in compliance."
The code was published in August 2000, recommending best practice to minimise the spread of disease.
ISA is a highly infectious, potentially fatal disease of salmon in seawater. The last confirmed case of ISA was in May 1999 and the last suspect case in November 1999.