High hopes for cod The first entirely commercial cod hatchery is set to start providing fish next year to British retail, starting in Waitrose and M&S. Aquacot's hatchery, located on the Ardtaraig estate near Dunoon on the western coast of Scotland, is this year raising 150,000 fish and this will rise to half a million next year. Some 6,000 tonnes should be on the market by 2007. From September the first fish will be moved to a sea site, and supply will be on the market in about 18 months from now. Plant manager Abby Irish said that cod were suited to captivity due to their nature: "They are docile and easy to handle." And she is ambitious for the hatchery to set new standards in farmed fish, with quality at the top of the agenda. "I would like people's perception of fish farming to change because we are improving all the time, and we have learnt from mistakes with salmon." An automatic feed system will mean minimum wastage and environmental damage: "Our customers know our history of taking the quality route. Aquascot is market and consumer driven, and not by volume. "We are harvesting what the consumer wants. My team have the same concerns as the consumer. And we want to do it right." Aquascot has invited the WWF to take an active interest in the sea site. {{MEAT }}