Two new variants of the Beck's German lager brand are being introduced by Scottish Courage. It is staking a claim in the growing off-trade market for five litre kegs and is also bringing out an alcohol free version. Beck's is the brewer's fourth largest brand and sells 4.3 million cases in the take home market and, said the brewer, volumes grew 30% in the last 12 months. The keg goes into trade this month priced at £10.99. Marketing director Brian Sharp said: "This is an ideal pack to share with friends over the festive period or as a gift." Beck's Alcohol Free will be on the shelves before Christmas. The brand has been going down well in the rest of Europe and North America. It has 0.03% alcohol and will be sold in the usual 275ml bottle and Beck's livery which is in blue rather than the normal red. Sharp said: "The non alcoholic take home beer market is ready for a fresh challenge and this will do just that. It tastes as good as the regular Beck's." It will sell in single bottles at 99p which will be on the market in December. Scottish Courage will also introduce its side applied hi-cone on six packs of Beck's cans this autumn and spend £1.5m in the run-up to Christmas. {{DRINKS }}