Modern art and chilled dairy haven’t crossed paths much since Tracy Emin spilled Yop on that rather unsavoury unmade bed of hers back in the late 1990s. Until now - courtesy of US sculptor Jim Victor (why are they always American?), who works primarily in the highly regarded medium of butter, as well as various other foodstuffs including chocolate and cheese.

Victor has crafted a range of dairy dioramas in his pre-chilled workshop including a cow riding a motorbike and a slightly risqué life-size reclining girl, perhaps in reference to the infamous ‘butter scene’ from Last Tango In Paris.

Other works by the Michelangelo of grocery include an uncannily accurate representation of Fidel Castro in vegetables and a selection of food-made-from-food scupltures including ‘Peking duck made from cheese and chocolate’. Sneak yourself a look at for proof that it is possible to wrangle even more outlandish transformations with food than slapping an M&S label on something and doubling the price.

Tomorrow: Damian Hirst stuns the art world with his shocking depiction of a preserved Edam sliced in two, entitled ‘Mother and Babybel Divided’.