Cheshire-based cheese company Cheshire Cheese (where do you marketing boys come up with these names?) is looking for a new face to front its latest promotional assault.

In a move not entirely dissimilar to Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, the company is looking for real Cheshire wives - or 'Chives', chortles the company - to bring glamour to proceedings with their top cheese-based recipes.

The five best recipes will make a short-list, with the winner going on to claim a year's supply of the yellow stuff as well as the chance to make a 'star appearance' (it says here) at a top Cheshire Cheese retailer.

"It will be a really fun project to get involved with and great exposure," said Cheshire chief propagandist Nigel White. "You may even become the next Coleen or Posh!"

Sadly, White did not explain how posting your thoughts on the best way to microwave cheese-on-toast to a regional dairy company would land you a superstar footballer husband.

Still, with Mrs Wayne Rooney now at large after her 'amicable' parting with Asda, perhaps she'll consider having a go herself - although Cheshire Chav doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it?