Unilever is taking a traditional approach to ice cream with the launch of a new premium range of Wall's products inspired by British seaside favourites.

Wall's Classics rolls out to retailers next month and comprises three flavours: Cornish Vanilla, which replaces the brand's current Cream of Cornish variant; new variant Marvellous Mint with chocolate chips; and Fudge Fancy with fudge cubes, also new. The packaging uses images associated with the seaside to differentiate the range from Wall's Soft Scoop products.

Larger stores are expected to stock Marvellous Mint and Fudge Fancy in one-litre tubs and Cornish Vanilla in a 1.5-litre pack (rsp: £3.49), while 500ml (rsp: £1.73) and 105ml (rsp: 85p) versions are available for the impulse channel.

"This range boasts some of the most popular ice cream flavours of all time," claimed Wall's brand ­manager Naomi Geffen.