Capespan will be marketing a seedless lemon in the UK within a month. The variety, which derives from Eureka, has been specially bred and performed well in initial trials.
Martin Dunnett, procurement director for Capespan, said this year’s standard lemons were looking strong: “This year there has generally been a good lemon crop and picking has just begun. We should see the first fruit within a month.”
The group is to sell 350,000 cartons in the UK this year, 20% up on last year, with the seedless variety contributing up to 25,000 cartons. Availability will last until October.
Capespan is also set to launch new late clementine Clemengold later in the year.
Easy peelers, meanwhile, will be the first citrus to arrive with satsumas due at the end of the month, followed by clementines.