Selfridges Christmas line-up

Selfridges has kicked off a major revamp of its own label range with a new-look Christmas selection

Selfridges has kicked off a major revamp of its own-label range with a new-look Christmas selection.

The department store has toned down the use of Selfridges’ yellow and, unusually for own-label, put the names of suppliers on the packaging.

In a push to improve product quality, it put the range together with the help of new, artisanal suppliers including London deli owners Melrose & Morgan and Exeter-based chutney makers Hillside.

“We’ve worked with some small producers - some of which have never been in retail before. It’s been a real collaborative effort and we’re really happy with the results,” said Selfridges head of food Nicola Waller.

There are nine new products in the range and 10 upgraded ones. The new products include an un-iced Christmas fruit cake and Brussels sprouts-shaped marzipan and the improved products include a cranberry sauce with more cranberries and port.

Selfridges said it planned a major expansion of its own-label range next year - starting with confectionery in January.

“Next year, we want to massively increase the number of own-label products and the space given over to them in store,” said Waller.

This month, Selfridges is also introducing a concierge booth in the food hall to give consumers advice and help them choose gifts.