Full marks for availability for the “big, light, airy and welcoming” Tesco Stoke-on-Trent this week. Our shopper noticed the “management team walking the floor checking standards, which are high”. It had a good range of services and “attractive promotional displays”. Staff were plentiful and “very helpful”.

Sainsbury’s Livingston was not far behind. The free car park was being used by shoppers at an adjacent shopping centre. Despite being busy, the store was “very tidy”, with shelf stackers managing to “keep out of the way of shoppers”. Staff were helpful, and the checkout assistant chatty and smiley”.

Waitrose Cheltenham made a bad first impression with “worn-out paintwork”. The store seemed low on stock: our shopper even had to get on hands and knees to search at the back of shelves. Shop floor staff were “polite and efficient” but the checkout girl was “grumpy”.

At Morrisons Glastonbury there were six empty freezers and no explanation of where the relocated frozen fish could be found. Staff were difficult to find and there was no polite conversation on checkout.

Asda Southwark seemed “in need of refurbishment”. The floor was being polished during the visit. Staff seemed friendly enough but not “overly enthusiastic” and didn’t offer to look in the warehouse for items.

Mismatching floor files, unattended restocking trolleys, narrow aisles and promotional bins made it difficult to navigate Lidl in Chester. At times, up to 10 people were queuing at the checkouts and our shopper felt pressure to pack quickly.