convertible Nichols Foods is bringing out a Milky Way Shake It drink which can be converted into a mousse dessert. Rolling out now, the innovative newcomer joins Mars, Galaxy and Maltesers in the manufacturer's Masterfoods-branded drinks portfolio and is its first product specifically for children. In chocolate and strawberry flavours, the drink comes as a powder to be mixed with milk for a plain drink, shaken in the accompanying beaker to make a milkshake or chilled in the fridge to make a mousse. "Kids love making things to eat and drink," said brand manager Dean Tovey. "And parents can be reassured that the addition of milk means kids are getting a healthy drink." The reusable shaker comes with two 35g sachets and retails at £1.29, while a triple sachet pack is £1.09. The company hopes the product will benefit from Masterfoods' £2m spend on the Milky Way brand this year. {{P&P }}