RHM Frozen is targeting its Sharwood's brand at health-conscious consumers by launching four recipes that make stronger nutrition claims.

First up is a Stir-Fry range for two people, which can be added straight to a wok and cooked in eight minutes.

It is initially being launched in two varieties - mushroom and Thai red chicken - and comes in an 800g bag with a clear window that enables consumers to see the chunky ingredients inside.

A Steam & Shake range, meanwhile, is a duo of single-serve meals in a 400g microwaveable steam bag. The chicken chow mein and chicken jalfrezi variants each contain up to two portions of vegetables per serving and can be prepared in five minutes.

"Consumers are increasingly demanding products that fit around their busy lifestyles," said brand manager Alain Chua. "However, they are becoming more aware of the importance of leading healthier lifestyles and eating nutritious, well-balanced meals."

Sharwood's Stir-Fry bagged meals are priced at £2.99 while the Steam & Shake lines come at an rsp of £1.99.