Wales uniquely dependent on light lamb sales to continental markets More money for lamb promotion is being made available by the Welsh Development Agency as the industry in the principality struggles to cope with the deepening crisis caused by FMD. An extra £300,000 will go to the marketing organisation Welsh Lambs and Beef Promotions. This money is to be used for a consumer campaign, specifically the development of point of sale material for promoting the generic Welsh lamb brand through UK multiples. The aid is part of a £1m fund set up by the WDA earlier in the year when it became clear FMD could devastate the Welsh sheep sector. Although the disease has caused direct damage in the same ways as in northern and south west England, the Welsh claim to have been worse hit because the associated export ban has blocked access to the continental markets on which they are uniquely dependent for sales of light lambs. Efforts by organisations including the MLC and by major retailers, most recently Asda, appear to be achieving some success in creating demand for lambs of under 15kg, traditionally rejected by the British market, but an unsaleable surplus is still expected as production approaches the seasonal peak within the next couple of months. However some industry analysts are sceptical of the Welsh producers' claims to having been disproportionately penalised by the export ban. Light lambs from Wales were reported running into serious competitive pressure in Mediterranean markets long before FMD struck. Strong sterling and heavier supplies from Spain's expanding sheep industry were blamed for disappointing export performance. {{M/E MEAT }}