Mutton sees a comeback Tesco has been joined by other retailers, notably Safeway, in using the almost forgotten word "mutton" on packs of minced sheepmeat. The story is mostly about disposal of low value ewes and poor conformation lamb carcases, but market research data from Taylor Nelson Sofres could be interpreted as revealing surprisingly strong consumer demand for this commodity. Household purchases of lamb mince have been smaller in volume and value for most of this year than in 1998. But there was evidence of price resilience during September's barbecue weather. It is also notable that mince has been a much bigger proportion of lamb sales than of pork, despite the pigmeat commodity having enjoyed years of MLC promotional backing. The retail activity coincides with another sharp drop in live ewe prices at the auction rings. Light ewes with little meat content appear to average about £8 per head, though practice many attract no bids. {{MEAT }}