PPCS/Richmond tussle set for hearing Lamb importers and their customers are awaiting a judicial hearing set to cause convulsion in New Zealand. On August 6 New Zealand's High Court will start considering a dispute between exporters PPCS and Richmond, both major players in the UK. PPCS, a farmer controlled processor now indisputably the most powerful force in the NZ meat industry, has been trying for years to take over Richmond. The court case involves a dispute over PPCS's trading in Richmond shares, presumably as part of an acquisition strategy. If PPCS wins, buyers of New Zealand sheepmeat in the UK will be confronted by a single powerful supplier and a bunch of tiddlers, whereas just a few years ago several substantial shippers were competing for the business, Richmond's supporters claim. Critics of the financially powerful PPCS, who include many New Zealand farmers, accuse the South Island co-op of being an outdated commodity trader. Richmond is admired in New Zealand and recognised in the UK market as a sophisticated supplier of added-value lamb products. {{MEAT }}