The shellfish sector is now growing at a faster rate than than cod and haddock.

Landings reached a record £241m value in 2006, the most recent period for which statistics are available, accounting for almost half of the value of all seafood landed in the UK, according to the Shellfish Association of Great Britain. In 2006 there was a 7% increase in the total amount of shellfish landed, while at the same time there was a 31% fall in landings of mackerel and herring and a 6% decline in landings of cod, haddock and flatfish.

Scottish Government figures also reveal the value of shellfish landed by Scottish fishing boats rose 22% to £140m last year, leading it to overtake cod and haddock as the Scottish fleet's most valuable catch for the first time ever.

A media campaign will be launched at Easter, running until the inaugural Seafood Fortnight in September. Shellfish will be promoted during the first week of the event, and finish during the second.