The official launch of Shetland Seafood Auction’s electronic auction system, the first of its kind in Scotland for white fish, took place this week.

Auction manager George Smith said: “The auction is proving very successful. We are constantly able to respond to users’ demands and make improvements, and have already made a number of refinements. Buyers are becoming more and more familiar with the process and its efficiency just keeps on getting better. “

Secretary of Shetland Seafood Auction and chief executive of Shetland Fish Producers Organisation, Brian Isbister, said: “This facility is only part of a much bigger project that has, so far, involved the introduction of a weighing at sea system, supplying buyers with advance information on landings, and re-grading and re-weighing of specific species on the markets.

He added: “We have seen definite improvements in the quality of fish on the market.”