Fairy Liquid returned to TV screens this week with an updated version of the patient child and homemade toy' theme. The ad, which runs until March 31, is part of the campaign to highlight that new' Fairy ­ reformulated and in a redesigned bottle since last September ­ lasts 15% longer than old' Fairy. It picks up on the brand's long time association with Blue Peter' style model making. In the ad, which was filmed in the young star's own kitchen with his mother washing up, a boy reports to his Captain's Log' that his mission is to replace his old rocket (the old Fairy Liquid bottle) with a "cool new Space Cruiser"(the new bottle). Each day he logs his report, wearing a foil-covered box for a space helmet, while he waits for the bottle to be finished. He has a long wait however and the voice of comedienne Victoria Wood advises him that Fairy now lasts light years' longer. {{P&P }}