First-time exhibitor Marlow Foods used Sial to launch itself into fresh pasta sauces. Two Quorn branded pour over sauces were unveiled: Carbonara with ham style pieces and Bolognese with tomatoes and Quorn mince. Both lines will be available in the UK shortly, rsp £1.69 and £1.49 respectively. The company is also test marketing dual branded Quorn sandwiches in Tesco. Marketing controller Ian Abberley said: "We are trialling a Quorn salad sandwich because although the evening occasion is well served, the lunchtime occasion isn't. We may then move on to handheld snacks and pastries." The company's next venture is into the lucrative US market which it sees as a £1bn opportunity. US based marketing director David Wilson said: "We've been busy working towards FDA approval. By next spring, we should be ready to go with a selection of frozen products." The company will be targeting meat reducers who account for just 1% of Americans. The Quorn brand is worth £100m and encompasses burgers, fillets, deli slices and ingredients such as mince. It has recently launched a nut roast, fajitas, goujons and a bourguignon style ready meal. {{NEWS }}