Simply Organic is aiming to take the guilt out of buying ready meals with its revamped range set to launch next week. The first major overhaul of the brand since it was bought by The Serious Food Company last year was prompted by consumer research suggesting organic on its own was no longer a strong-enough selling point. “Promoting the brand’s organic position alone was not enough,” said brand manager Lisa Heath. “Consumers feel guilty about buying ready meals even if they are organic and so we needed to flag up how healthy our range is as well as its organic credentials.” As a result new “more vibrant” packaging flags up that each meal or soup includes three of your five portions of fresh fruit and veg a day and highlights the natural ingredients. “We’ve moved away from the bland ‘natural’ look preferred by organic brands and gone for something colourful and modern,” said Heath. The relaunch also comprises new meals and soups as well as reformulated versions of bestsellers. The bean and tomato chilli remains and is joined by four new meals including Mediterranean stew and cheeky chickpea casserole. In soup, the bestselling chunky vegetable soup is joined by five more including sweet potato, coconut & red chilli and tomato & chubby butterbean. The rsp of all lines is £1.99. A marketing campaign in magazines along with in-store sampling will support the relaunch.