Asda fish supplier DR Simpson Chilled Foods is seeking new business at home and abroad on the back of “tremendous success” of new product development in the multiple.
Several chilled products have been launched and lines arriving in April bring the NPD list to 10 in the last 18 months.
DR Simpson’s turnover is now at £20m, and in some sectors is 10 times greater than five years ago, said commercial director Ivan Jaines-White. Its sales at Asda are up 18%.
Among other NPD, the company has developed
microwave ‘steamer lines’ such as smoked haddock in cheese and chive butter. Jaines-White hailed the appointment of David Orr, former account manager at
Macrae, as account manager for Asda. He said Orr, and technical manager Karl Jacob, who is responsible for NPD, would be instrumental in driving the company forward.