A lower alcohol and calorie version of Singha Beer is to get a full off-trade launch in the UK.

Singha Light was first launched in Thailand in March by Boon Rawd Brewery, just before the country's New Year celebration period, Songkran.

The brewery ran a competition to support the Thai launch and the winners were sent on an expedition to plant the first Thai flag at the North Pole.

The beer, which has just 3.5% abv alcohol, was launched into the UK on-trade just a few months later, and the company says it is now ready to spread distribution through the off-trade. "Singha Light is designed to be ideal for the weight-conscious luncheon drinker," said a spokeswoman for the brand. "It has a distinctive taste, which helps to bring calm to today's manic lifestyle."

She said investment was likely to follow in 2007.

Singha Light has 29 calories per 100ml and a carbohydrate content of less than 3.2g per 100ml.