First impressions of the store were very positive. Try before you buy' is well executed. Sainsbury has also tried to increase the quality and range of its food. The fresh Bluebird artisan bread is truly exquisite. 

If this store had opened anywhere else, it would be a stunning success. It combines theatrical service with a clear focus on food. On an operational level, too, I have never seen so many staff. The problem is that this store relies totally on its Bluebird heritage. This is something you just can't roll out. And if you strip out the building what you find if you look closely hardly differs from a standard store. 

Granted, they don't use standard gondolas, but inside the woven baskets the fruit and veg is still displayed in standard packs. In fact, if you look closely most of the store is full of the standard ranges and packaging. 

Try as it might to promote seasonal and abundant produce' with its improvised' graphics, Sainsbury has not quite managed to recapture its small scale roots. It is a valiant effort but still one that looks a little bit too much like spin.