On one hand we see that Lever-Fabergé is burying Lux, another well known brand destined for the detergent scrapyard; and on the other, the statement by TNS that Persil (Tablets) has achieved prominence as the top premium brand'. But what does top premium mean? As we in the business know only too well the poor old housewife, brainwashed by 45 years of TV advertising and merchandised to heavily by the supermarket groups, is willing to pay out even more hard-earned cash for a few pence worth of soap ­ liquid or powder ­ provided it is packaged in something nice and colourful. There is plenty of evidence, both to link widespread use of washing detergents with damage to the environment on discharge, and the incidence of respiratory and dermatological symptoms. Legislative action on the matter is long overdue. 

Kevin Webb KWPR Accrington, Lancashire