Austrade has introduced six new speciality beers to the UK ahead of G'dayUK, a week-long event promoting Australian trade and culture beginning 24 June.

The beers, available in Booths, include Little Creatures from Western Australia; Pikes from South Australia; Cricketers Arms and Grand Ridge from Victoria; and Bluebottle and Red Angus from New South Wales. A training initiative, commissioned by Austrade, will see Booths staff learning via podcasts. Senior trade commissioner Kylie Hargreaves said the scheme would help overcome logistical challenges facing brand owners supporting promotions on the other side of the world.

Australian beer is enjoying mixed fortunes at the moment. VB's off-trade presence will increase with a new distribution deal and sponsorship of the Australian Ashes team, while Castlemaine XXXX will be withdrawn from the UK next year.